What Should You Do With Old Appliances?

Whenever you purchased new appliances, there’s one thing that you’ve got to consider. What should you do with the old ones? Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that you can get rid of your old appliances. You might even make some money while getting rid of them. 

But, there might be certain rules that you’ve got to follow when getting rid of your old appliances. This depends on what you want to dispose of, such as refrigerators. However, you don’t have to worry.  

Here are several ways that you can get rid of old appliances and the rules that you have to follow. 

Sell Them for Cash 

You can still find value in older appliances that still work. In addition to that, there are several places where you can easily sell your old appliances. First, you can try selling them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. These places are where you’ll get the most out of your appliances. However, you might have to remove your appliance and deliver it on your own. Also, make sure you avail an appliance repair before you sell it to increase the selling price.  

You will still get quite an excellent price if you sell them to a scrap metal shop instead. Oftentimes, they’ll be the ones to pick up the appliance for free. The great thing about this option is that the scrap shop may still be interested in purchasing the appliance from you even if it is not working anymore.  

Donating Them 

Consider donating your old appliance to a charity if it still runs. There are a lot of community thrift stores, churches, and nonprofits that happily accept donated appliances. This includes Goodwill or ARC. However, you’ve got to ensure that there are no huge issues with the appliances. Some of these organizations will even pick up the appliance.  

Some charities that accept appliances give to families that are financially struggling. Aside from being beneficial to charities, donating can also be helpful for you because of the tax write-off.  

Ask Your Town to Get Rid of Them 

This depends from one place to another. However, a lot of towns provide haul and pickup services for huge appliances. To do so, you might have to pay a fee or comply with unique local legislation. However, almost every town will get rid of your old appliance. You can call your local department of public works or municipal waste collection agency for more details. In addition to that, if your city can’t help, your local dump might be able to. A lot of local transfer stations and landfills will get rid of your old appliances. You’ll only have to pay a fee.  

Be wary, though. You will have to follow an additional step if you own a fridge that was manufactured before 1995 and you want to get rid of it. These refrigerators contain Freon. It is a dangerous chemical that depletes the ozone layer. Before they dispose your old refrigerator, an EPA-certified Freon recovery service will have to drain the Freon inside.